The roller coaster must be tired of hearing its name on and on in times like these — when people get to sit down and digest how their previous year had been. And yes, I will be a part of the statistic when I say that my 2010 was a roller coaster.

I started 2010 with the usual optimism that I have in every year that I welcome. After all, I was living a charmed life — worry-free, heartbreak-free and a whole 365 days to hope for a lot of good things to come my way. A lot of great things did come.

The highlight of my year would have to be receiving my second diploma from UP Mindanao. This time, it was sweeter since I was the one who paid for school. Plus, it was more than a struggle to balance work with the hectic schedules of school as well. Safe to say that I am very proud of this accomplishment. More so that I finished top three in class, to think that I was the youngest and least-experienced (work-wise) in our batch.

Another notable event, although without any hint of personal acceptance, is finding out about Mama’s condition. She was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with bone metastasis. It literally broke my heart. You see, Mama has been my partner in crime since birth. She has been with me through everything and I hate it that she has to go through this kind of battle in her life.

In between the high and the low of this year, a lot of exquisite memories were created. Here’s a rundown of everything that made me smile in 2010:

  • Our impromptu Robinsons “stints” for New Years’ and Valentines
  • Tita Hazel’s wedding, where I was the Maid of Honor and Fonzi and I sang a few songs
  • Being a mock “interviewer” for Andi’s senior high school class
  • Being a Greenie in a house full of Yellow during the National Elections
  • Beach trips, movie and dinner dates with Fonzi
  • Sister bonding
  • Going all-out adventurous with my girl friends Sopfia, Jing and Johanna
  • Watching almost all games of the BPI basketball team
  • Being a TH dancer
  • Celebrating my birthday in Cebu with my moo
  • Playing dress up with PIC Ana
  • Volunteering for PCDA and trying my hand at choral singing
  • Having a nephew
  • Celebrating Christmas with BPI
  • Having the best bosses ever!

These are definitely a lot of things to be thankful for.

Now that we have ushered in 2011, I have also welcomed several uncertainties in my life. Some make me feel giddy, and some just plain scared. So, with the same optimism, I say hello to 2011! I know I am in for a ride this year, but I will take it one day at a time — savoring the present and being grateful for everyday to see the wonders of His universe.



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