First week of January down.

Work has been kind to me this week, in fact very much so that I was bored to my wits. You see my boss is retiring effective March 1. The area is now under the able hands of Sir Art and his AA Ana, which leaves me solely as the Secretary of my boss while he is still connected with BPI. It’s the turnover phase and by saying so, there are only several things left to do before I finally say bye-bye to my baby, the Davao Area. I can’t say I’m not enjoying the downtime though, but it’s kinda dull without the thrill and suspense of deadlines coupled with calls from anyone and anywhere. Even my boss himself is bored, that we often see him walking around the office. Perhaps looking for something, anything, that he can do while killing the days.

I repeat, the downtime is enjoyable, relaxing at the very least. It, however, means that I am already one step out the door of the office I called “home” for more than three years. A popular question, one that I’ve been getting since I emailed our area officers of my pending turnover of the AA duties to my good friend and officemate Ana, is where I’m heading after February. One thing’s for sure, I’m going on vacation! Kidding aside though, I really don’t know where I’m off to yet. My promotion to level B is in the works, but until that is finalized, my status is still floating. Fingers-crossed.

On the homestead, it’s been nice. Mama turned 60 last January 5 and I am thankful she is still well. Everyday is a battle for her, and on that day I’m positive she had fun. Kuya was here, and we celebrated with lechon, Em’s lasagna, Epoy’s mango float, a Goldilocks cake, two tubs of ice cream and a lot of laughs going around. Kuya left for Zamboanga yesterday and Mamus left for GenSan this morning. Right now it’s,shall I say, status quo again in our home. 

PS. After feeling uber fat last Monday, I decided to give Nutrimeal a try. It’s a five-day all-shake and fruits diet from Usana called Reset. I now realize, how much I need food in my life! Anyhow, no pain, no gain.

PPS. I finally decided to re-organize my mess of a room starting today. First on the agenda: the shoes. All done, boxed and labelled up. ME = HAPPY.


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