Wishful Thinking.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I guess it’s okay to be a little mushy these days. If you’re not into mushy stuff, I suggest you stop reading now and hit the exit button immediately.

If you’re still reading this, then I guess you’re pretty much okay with the icky love stuff. So here goes.

My friend Ana posted this link on her Facebook wall. It’s an on-site video of Anielle Santos’ wedding. You might not know her name, but I’m sure she’s pretty familiar to you if you’ve seen the Coffeemate “ehem” ad. Here’s the video:

Anyhow, as I was watching the video, two things struck me the most.

First. The couple got married on their 100th month together. Being the curious cat the I am, I quickly pulled out my iPod calculator and divided away. This basically means that they were together for 8 years plus before they tied the knot. According to Ana, Anielle is about the same age as I am, so simple math would tell us that they became a couple when she was just 16. That’s a pretty long time, and I really do admire them for being able to keep their relationship strong.

Tough times are inevitable in all relationships. You always go through fights, petty or otherwise. But it is your passion and will and love that makes you say, “Hey, I am here with you not because of, but in spite of.” It is definitely hard work and compromise, but you choose this because you love.

Second. When Anielle said her vows, this line just hit me: “On that fateful day eight years ago, I gave you my hand to hold. Today, I give you my life to keep.” That was a lovely way of saying I am yours and I trust you. It was just beautiful. I mean, one can only hope for as much in a relationship. To share life’s ups and downs, and to just grow old together. 

They are such a beautiful couple and even if I do not know them at all, I only wish they would spend a lifetime with each other. And that many, would also have a great love story to share and inspire others. I know I do. ❤


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