So Shoe Me

Back in college, I had two staples when it came to footwear — my Chucks and Havaianas. I was always the typical sneakers/flip-flops girl. The time you’d see me wear wedges or pumps would have to be really special occasions.

Post-graduation, I started to discover and experiment on dressing up as I was exposed to sites such as Chictopia, Lookbook and more specifically online shopping. I began to develop a shoe fetish. More than bags or clothes, shoes really attracted me more. However, the “kuripot” in me always loved good bargains, and I jump for joy when I get to buy something on sale.

Just last week, I was able to get a cute pair from So F.A.B. for less than Php 500! They’re a pair of double strap tan clogs with wooden heels. And they are just really gorgeous! Here they are so you can see:


(Photo from

So, anyway, while I was going through my Twitter feed today, I coincidentally clicked into this link about a contest that So FAB was having with the help of their brand ambassador Kryz Uy. And I thought, what the heck! There’s no harm in trying to join right?

All for the love of shoes, my friends! πŸ™‚


PS. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t get to read this. He understands my shoe obsession as much as I understand Chess! And I don’t play Chess! LOL.


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