Marching On

It’s ALMOST April! Oh yes, it’s summer again. Images of the beach and sunny days are beckoning and calling me. But since 2008, summer has slowly slid into oblivion from my life. So, in my wishful-thinking-caught-in-a-daze daydreams, I will be going to the beach with my friends this year. Fingers.and.toes.crossed.

But before we fast forward to April, let’s take a look back at what happened since March 1. The first day of this month saw my boss’ official retirement from BPI, but of course he is still very much a part of the Ayala Group, through a special project that is still in the works. Until that is finalized, he is a free bird sometimes landing in our office for nice, quick and welcomed visits. Sir Rudy was indeed a blessing to many disguised as a quirky, easy-going but intelligent and hardworking man. All my praises go to him, with of course my utmost gratitude that he was my first mentor in BPI. What a great way to start a “budding” career.

March also saw my mom, dad and I visit Hong Kong and “bond” through our constant nagging and making fun of each other the entire trip. We went to a lot of places there, but as expected, four days there couldn’t be enough to encompass all the sights, sounds and SHOPPING there was to do. So, I am definitely going to save up for another trip to HK hopefully by next year. It was quite cold there that time of the year, and it was a good thing I bought a leather jacket in Cebu last year. That definitely saved my butt.

Returning to Davao was bittersweet. It was hot again. Plus, vacation over meant that I was going back to work. However, going back to work that time also meant that my quality project was finally going to be presented to management. This was the last requirement I had to accomplish so that my application for OTP could already be submitted to HR. I am very happy to say that we only had very minor revisions and the submission was good to go. So right now, I am only waiting for an interview schedule from HR as the last step. When I pass that, I’ll be starting on a new and (hopefully) exciting career path to officership. LOVELY!

This month, a lot of music also found its way to my schedule. My cousin Myx and her band Skeights’ inclusion in the Pilipinas Got Talent 2 auditions was shown on TV and I couldn’t help myself from bragging about them on Facebook. On March 19, I took my sister to Musikademy’s scholars, Eunice and Nica’s Perfect 2gether Recital. I swear those girls are definitely singing machines! Their recital songs are my bathroom frustrations. And to think they are only both 13 years old! I wrote an article about this show, but I’m not sure when and where it’ll come out. Also, there were some big leaps for Fonzi and friends as they recorded their very first demo “Posible”. I imagine this will only be the beginning of long careers for all these musicians.

In the meantime, I will be training along low counter operations in Davao Main branch starting Monday next week, so that I’ll be familiar with the transactions on that side of branch operations. I am quite excited for that as well.

Oops, I guess I’m blabbering too much now. I’ll tell you more stories next time. Here’s to more blessings and misadventures in April!




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