Meet Joe Green

I like to pretend that I’m a greenie by doing little deeds that help in saving trees and reducing my own carbon footprints, or at least that’s how I would like it to be. Recycling is one of my favorite things to do, since it’s very simple yet hits my goal spot on.

I instigated making our reject application forms into scratch papers for printing documents, reminders, and even making them into “note pads”. We receive tons of applications every month and it is a pity to throw all those papers away! We also collected all the plastic and paper folders and sliders the applicants used and donated these to the Talomo Public School so that school kids can use them again.

Another thing that I used to do was to collect plastic bags (literally from all possible sources from our groceries to our office mail) and donate them to NCCC Mall’s recycling bins. However, there came a point when I wasn’t able to locate their crates near the mall entrances anymore. I ended up with a stash of plastic bags just lying around the office storage area, just waiting to be donated.

This is why I am so glad to have met a guy who recycles plastic bags and turns them into something useable again such as shopping bags, pencil cases, pouches, and even iPad cases! I was more than happy to give him the plastic bags that I was able to collect at the office. It gets better since this guy hires bagmakers who are really in need of the employment; thus making his advocacy actually a kind of social entrepreneurship venture. He gave me a sample of their work (a pencil case) and this was the selling point for me. Their products are actually good!

By now, I assume you’ve guessed the name that this guy goes by — Joe Green. They call their venture the Joe Green Concepts.

I am all for social entrepreneurship and I think this cause is a worthy one to support. I will tell you more about this in succeeding entries, but for now, let me invite you to support this cause through this simple task: collect your plastic bags. You may contact Joe Green by sending him a message through Facebook at this account. It’s time to UNPLASTIC!

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