Lunch Group goes to the Beach

April 16, 2011. After months and months of planning to go to the beach, finally our plans pushed through. There were a lot of boo-boos along the way, especially in the will we or won’t we department, but I’m glad we were able to just say let’s do it!

As always, we had a lot of fun, just chilling by the shore. We came prepared with Fonzi’s guitar, portable speakers, a deck of cards and also the MyFi (so we can check in!). We were lucky enough that the sea was quite cooperative, coming back from low tide at around 3:00 pm. We had a blast, and most definitely will be doing this again this summer!

The usual suspects (Top photo: Me, Arvee, Ana, Fonzi | Bottom Photo: Carlo and Francis)

Me and PIC Ana by the “vinta”. Our feet had a hard time walking to that point, as there were a lot of sharp corals.

Fonzi’s pretty shot of the kids

My earrings (given by my cousin Myx from their HK trip last year)


Tong-its by the shore

Our favorite kid. Look at that tummy and his faux hawk.

IDOL. Well at least he was for the boys. They were ranting about his 8-pack and peks the whole, ENTIRE, time (LOL). I couldn’t take a better shot without him noticing.


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