Fonzi and Friends at MTS

Last Saturday, May 17, 2011, was a milestone for Fonzi and Friends as it was their first time to perform at MTS. The event was organized by the Bukas Loob sa Diyos Singles Encounter, and they got F & F as the feature band for the acoustic night.

Lui Castillo opened the show together with Soul Society. Her voice was amazing! It reminded me of Adele, soulful and powerful.

After Lui, F & F took the stage and sang their best covers, mostly Jason Mraz songs, and their original songs as well. My personal favorites are Asleep, One Song and of course, the catchy anthem Posible. Their feel-good music and hilarious antics in between are highly entertaining. There’s a sense of uniqueness distinct in their sound and lyrics, deep but relevant. For a young band, formed only last year, they have pretty much accomplished a lot, and are starting to do more through upcoming recordings and gigs.

Fonzi and Friends
On lead guitar, Migz Orquina
On beatbox, JP Jickain
Vocals and acoustic guitar, Fonzi Marquez

I was there with my friends and cousin, Myx of Skeights.

Myx and Kia
Rock band in the making?

It’s high time that local bands that are good and have great potential be supported. There are many ways to do it too: watch their gigs, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. I’m pretty sure they’ll be very happy to see that people appreciate their craft and artistry. Plus, having your local bands make it nationally is kinda awesome as well!

Follow F&F on: TwitterΒ | Facebook

Listen to their songs on: Soundcloud

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