Silver Belle

So this is what it feels like to be 25. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ha!

Celebrated my 25th birthday in Manila this year, which is the second time I was out of town (last year, we were in Cebu). My day started with our PC exposure at Paseo Center, with about a third of my classmates with me. It was a good day at work. I had fun tinkering with the machines and processes at the backroom operation section for our branches. We also had this memorable/awesome lunch at the sidewalk (long story why) near a parking area, in front of the jolly jeeps. We all had fun at the PC, thanks to Tatay Reno who was our classmate-slash-mentor for the day.

Post-work, I met up with Fonzi, my uncle Gerry and cousin Myx at Greenbelt for dinner. We ate at Sentro, which has super yummy Pinoy food. We, well I, had a grand time pigging out. My sister called up later that night to say that she had planned a surprise on Facetime for me, but unfortunately, Mommy ruined the plan by greeting me too early in the morning. As usual! I miss those goofballs! The next day (my birthday extension), I spent with Fonzi. I always look forward to spending my Manila weekends with him.

I am so thankful for another year to celebrate life, love, family, friendship and career. I just wish Mama was still here to see me grow up some more. I’m sure she cooked Carbonara for me in heaven! Right Ma? ❤


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