Life in Black and White

Pretty in Pink plain white tee | Thrifted Harem-like pants | Tom’s flats | Aldo, H&M, SM Dept Store, Tickles Accessories

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I miss home. Sure, Manila is nice. But I’m longing for the laid back atmosphere of my home, my comfort zone. Yes. Comfort is what I miss the most. It sure is true, what they say, that you get to realize just how lucky you were when you are plucked out of home. However, it is also one of the best teachers – experience. Here in Manila, I get to cook, wash dishes, launder clothes – things that I usually didn’t do back home.

Commuting here is far from pretty. In fact, it probably passes as the worst. What with all the pollution, and the traffic, it is mostly the commute that makes work days stressful. Although, I’m pretty much learning a lot in terms of reading maps and relying on my sense of direction, which I hardly ever did back home. I miss how planning weekends was almost unnecessary and spontaneity was achievable. Here, plans have to be made way ahead of time. And if they don’t push through, the word hassle would be an understatement.

I miss Davao food as well – how cheap and good they were. Most of the food that we eat here are either fast food or canned goods. Not a good combination at all. Everything here is also expensive. I miss being able to get around the city with just P250 in my wallet. Here, that seems to be impossible to achieve, especially on weekends.

Most of all, I miss my friends and family.

Good thing I’ll only be here for six months, otherwise, I might just grow fat on fast food and look tired due to my everyday commute. I really salute people from different provinces who have actually lived here for years. They are as courageous as they are persevering.

I miss you Davao, but I’ll see you oh-so-soon! ❤

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