Pink is the Color

Thrifted floral top and black flowy pants (30 pesos each FTW!) | H&M Bangles | H&M Ring | Egg Gift from Ma’am Gemma Purse | Simple Joys pouch | JC-inspired Heels

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So here I am, debuting my latest babies from my first shopping adventure on the new platform. I bought pink JC-inspired Foxy wedges from Chick Flick Collection, a store that has the most amazing on-hand shoes at affordable prices.

The shoes are amazing! They don’t hurt your feet and are pretty to boot too! In fact, I’m itching to buy more! Gaaaaah. The woes of a shoewhore.

Saying that shopping at Multiply was as easy as 1-2-3 would be an understatement. All I had to do was log on to my Multiply account, click on Marketplace and search via category for the item I wanted to purchase. In this case, shoes!

Once I found the pair I wanted to buy, I just had to click the BUY button found below the picture and the item was added to my cart. After this, I could either continue shopping for other items, or proceed to checkout. Since I didn’t buy anything else, I proceeded to checkout. Upon checkout, all I had to do was to provide my details including address, shipment mode and payment method, then click PLACE YOUR ORDER. What made it more awesome was the ease and convenience of paying for my item (after all, I work at BPI!). I just had to copy my transaction’s unique reference number, indicate it on my payment slip and have my payment validated. And voila, my item was ready to be shipped the following day with a notice from the store I had purchased it from. After buying my shoes, I also got to purchase some Nyx Lip Creams from Digital Traincase, which I am anxiously waiting to arrive on Tuesday! Shopping online has never been easier.

My addiction to online shopping absolutely is re-surfacing, so I definitely need to save up so I can continue with this good vice!

In other news, my OTP batch is in the last month of our OJT. This means that our finals and revalida are already looming ahead. And this further means that this will be my last blog entry for a while since I vowed to myself that I would study more often from now on. I shall therefore be on a blogging hiatus until about the second week of October. So I hope to get a good load of stories to share with you all by then.

As Tigger would say, TTFN! Ta-Ta For Now!

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