Let go and move on

Something bad happened to me today. Some bad person just jumped at the chance to take away my beloved iTouch from my hands. I admit, it was my fault as well, and I accept that.

For those who were asking what happened, well, I was being my usual self using it inside the jeepney (which is pure katangahan, I know). I was seated near the entrance and mid-way during my trip home some guy jumped at the entrance, and grabbed my hand so hard. I was in shock at what was happening, because it was all happening so fast, I wasn’t even able to think about shouting when he grabbed my hand. The next thing I knew, we were in a tug of war, since neither I nor he was letting go. He finally pulled so hard that I fell off my seat on to the jeepney floor and let go. Then he ran. Inside the jeep, the passengers were staring and murmuring things that I could barely care to listen to. No one dared to give me some help and no one, not even one of them helped me to stop the snatcher while we were pulling each other’s hands. I went down as the man ran, but it was futile, he ran so fast I knew I could never catch up.

I called the one person I would whenever bad things would happen to me. I wasn’t making sense in the conversation as I was still in shock, but I’m glad he told me to go home and be safe. That I was glad about, I was safe. My butt was sore from falling and my hands were still hurting as I walked blankly along the sidewalk. I thought that I only had five pesos in coins left in my wallet, and I had to buy something at 7/11 so I could have my big bill changed. As I was making my way, two people talked to me asking if I was the “victim” of the snatching. They had been there when it happened, but unfortunately the snatcher was too quick of a runner. They were Danilo and George Buenconsejo, siblings. We talked for a while, and as they were asking about me, I told them I was on my way to get my money changed so I could head home. George kindly offered me some coins so that I would no longer need to go to 7/11 and instead go home immediately. I am thankful that there are still kind people in the world like them.

Right now, I am still in shock and it has not yet sunk in that one of the things I cared about is now gone. As I think about why this had to happen to me, I think that perhaps that person has needs more than I do, but he just doesn’t know how to make ends meet. I am glad he didn’t hurt me anymore than he did. I am learning to let go, and move on. The iTouch is just a material thing, full of memories, but replaceable.


4 thoughts on “Let go and move on

  1. it’s a sad thing… but what’s even sadder is that nobody helped 😦 I’m glad you’re safe kiaks…. sige na lng, charge to experience and i’m just really really relieved walang knife or whatever, dba? 😦 kainis naman ng mga tao sa jeep..kung sa Dvo pa yun nag tulong na yun! Pray. I’ll pray you’ll be safe…always.

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