The Mraz Experience

It was early September of this year when my tweet-stalking skills paid off with some great news. Jason Mraz was coming to Manila with Toca Rivera for a Special Acoustic Night come end of October. And what a happy coincidence that Fonzi and I would still be in Manila by that time. With no hesitations at all, we purchased three pricey tickets for Patron Seats – for me, Fonzi and Tita Cathy. Then we waited.

October 30 finally came, and what excited little chimps we were. We were watching Jason Mraz!!!

The experience started when we fell in line at around 5:30 pm amongst a lot of other people who were also eagerly waiting for the doors to open. Thankfully, we had reserved seats which removed the stress of lining up to get good seats.

photo credit: Tita Cathy

Fonzi scored this great memorabilia while we were waiting.

photo credit: Fonzi

Gates opened and this is what we saw inside.

photo credit: Tita Cathy

The stadium was still quite empty when we got inside. So what else was there to do but be in awe of what we were about to be experiencing that night, and some photo ops as well!

Jason Mraz’s 3 out of 4 guitars for that night
The Traveling Fedora
photo credit: Tita Cathy

After an hour or so, people started coming in and filled the stadium. It was literally a full house!

And these faces? These are “The-show’s-about-to-start” faces.

And then finally, it did! The crowd went wild as this happened.

It was a crazy feeling being in the midst of maybe a million people all cheering, clapping, raising their hands and singing along to these two people on stage. I can’t even begin to describe how out-of-this-world everything was. Awesome would probably be the one of the best words to describe it. The experience was AMAZING! And Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera, what great artists!

Here are some more of the videos and photos I took of that night.

In this one, I panned the camera towards the audience.

Jason Mraz gave us a wonderful experience. His artistry and talent is amazing. He also left the audience with these – that “Real men don’t buy girls.” and that “You are loved.” Fonzi summed it up perfectly in his tweet “Thank you stranger. Thank you teacher. Thank you brother. You shaped my life and shown me my possibilities. Thank you @jason_mraz #gratitude”

“You are Loved”
Happy kid after the concert

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