Give Love, Save Lives

Typhoon Sendong has claimed close to 1,000 lives of our North Mindanao brothers and sisters as of this writing. It is said to be the worst natural calamity that has struck the Philippines in 2011, with casualties and damages exceeding that of Ondoy’s. A lot of pointing fingers and blaming has been happening in the past few days. But really, what we need to do right now is help. Help CDO and Iligan.

Yesterday, me, my Mom and my entire family collected old clothes and blankets and donated these through the Rescue Hope, Rescue Christmas Project of Fonzi and Friends in partnership with Peacebuilders Community, Inc. It was our little way to support and give what we could for the typhoon victims. These victims have lost a lot, maybe even everything. And it saddens me that this tragedy struck at a time that should be joyful and hopeful.

Help is still needed, and there’s so much that we can still do. A lot of organizations have opened their doors for donations and industry giants like PAL and LBC have announced their willingness to ship these donations to CDO for free.

Peacebuilders Community, Inc., MTS and Fonzi and Friends have organized a small Concert for a Cause that will feature Davao artists like Equivoc8 (Davao’s most promising vocal group) and Skeights (Davao’s premiere alternative band) for the Give Love, Save Lives Campaign for the Survivors of Typhoon Sendong at Matina Town Square Taboan, 730PM to 845PM on December 21, 2011.

Donations and any kind of support will be accepted during the event.

Sendong may have been strong, but the faith and support system of Filipinos are stronger. So please, Give Love and Save Lives. Attend tomorrow, bring donations, show your support.

For more details and information on how you can help, please contact:

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