Lucky Strike

It’s January 13 on a Friday of the year 2012. Contrary to popular belief that many unfortunate events occur on this day, I’d like to think that 13 is one of my lucky numbers. In 2008, I entered UP School of Management’s Master in Management program as part of Batch 13 and in 2011, I joined BPI’s OTP as part of Batch 130. Now, this might be pure coincidence, but I consider it a stroke of luck combined with great timing and good fortune.

Tonight, I decided to take my blog to a more serious level by purchasing a domain and officially naming it This comes with a commitment to update this personal lifestyle journal more often. As my description says, this blog contains my life, loves and looks. Simply put, this blog will be a collection of all things that I love with a passion — singing, fashion, my job, my friends, my boyfriend and my family.

Tomorrow, I will start religiously filling this up with stories and pictures which I hope you will all enjoy browsing through and maybe even read word per word. I am giddy and excited!

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