Movie Night

Beanie by Khush | Hair by Goody (Spin Pin)

Top (thrifted) | Liquid leggings (thrifted)

Rings from Bazaar | Just G Spectacles necklace | Espada silver necklace | SM Accessories black magnetic bracelets | The Bead Shop ‘Dream’ cuff | Citizen watch from Mama

Parisian Grey with Gold Studs booties

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Since I came back from Manila, my family has been spending a lot of quality time together. Family weekends as I would call them, is made up of trips to the mall to eat and do all sorts of things. For this weekend, my Mom and I had planned to see Sherlock Holmes 2 with the kids. It was raining most of the day, so we opted to stay home in the afternoon and then try to catch the movie by seven in the evening.

I had asked my sister to take my outfit photos for the day, and everything you see above is what resulted from it. We both need a lot of practice for this thing. Plus, we need a new camera too (which is the next thing on my wishlist/goals for this year).

When we got to Abreeza at around 5:45 pm, we headed straight to the cinemas, only to find out that all the good seats for the 7 pm run were already taken. So, we decided to take the 9:45 pm slot instead. This meant a lot of spare time to walk around the mall. My sister wanted to check out Soul Lifestyle and What a Girl Wants in the hope of purchasing something to add to her closet. She scored a cute panda blouse from WAGW. She also said that from now on, these two stores would be her go-to stores for her fashion fix. I couldn’t agree more.

While waiting, we spent some time at Timezone, playing Table Hockey. After a while, Mom and I stayed at the foodcourt enjoying the cold breeze brought about by the day’s continuous bedweather. Of course, we couldn’t resist goofing around as well by posing in front of one of the cinema ads.

Sherlcok Holmes 2 was great! It was just the right dose of comedy, action, brain-wracking fun all packed into two hours or so. Although at some parts, I could not fathom the enunciation of the words, since the accent was British. Of course, the Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law tandem was as awesome and gorgeous as the first movie. Shall I say they have good onscreen chemistry?

With days like this, I can’t really complain.



PS. This week I also received news of my branch assignment once my papers are approved. And guess what? I’m gonna be at BPI Abreeza! Woot!

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