Manila Weekend

Went back to Manila for the long weekend to be with Fonzi for the first leg of his FlipFlop Tours (more on this on a separate post). Didn’t bring my digital camera and instead used my 4s to take photos. Here’s my photo diary of the awesome, awesome time I had there. Strangely I felt like I was never away from Manila. Wasn’t a tourist-y trip at all. Manila is great, but Davao is the best (as I always say).

My haggard “I woke up at 2:30 am for my 6:20 am flight” face about to enjoy bacon and eggs for brekky.

They didn’t have this on the menu, but I’m glad the kind lady allowed me to order separates and make them into a delish meal.

Desserts at Cafe 1771. Sad we weren’t able to try them.

My FlipFlop Tours ID (artist daw).

My favorite photos from the set.

Playing with the iPhone camera at the Canon store in Megamall.

Kung hei fat choi! Taken outside Edsa Shangri-la.

How the Starbucks partner spelled Fonzi’s name. LOL.

Waiting for my flight home. Are we starting to look alike already???

The only moment I was awake during my flight home was during the sunset. Great timing!

Sunset view from the clouds.

*all photos taken with an iPhone 4s camera and edited with Instagram* 

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