FlipFlop Tours Part 1

photo credit: facebook.com/fonziandfriends

This is the reason why I flew to Manila last week. It was the first leg of Fonzi and Friends’ FlipFlop Tours. It was not only a night of great music, but also an activity that aimed to raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Sendong. The concert featured guest artists Rizza Cabrera and Carlos Castano who shared their awesome talent.

photo credit: Tito Pal Marquez

It was hosted by this quaint resto-bar in Kapitolyo, Pasig City called Balay ni Juan, which serves good food, beers and a relaxed ambiance.

photo credit: Tito Pal Marquez

Rizza opened the show and immediately I was blown away. This talented young lady had such a good grasp of her talent. And to think she’s only 19! I thought to myself, “What was I doing when I was 19?” She sang some covers and originals and I found myself in awe at every single one. Words are not enough to describe her talent, so why not just listen for yourself? This is one one her latest demo tracks called Outlast.


photo credit: Tito Pal Marquez

Carlos Castano and his cousin Manchos came next also playing some covers and originals. I’ve known Carlos since his Davao days. He is now making a name for himself in the Manila music scene with an album already out and another one coming this quarter. You can hear more of his colorful music at www.citylightsoundtrack.com.

photo credit: Tito Pal Marquez

After these talented guests, Fonzi and Friends came on stage and sang a LOT of songs. However, my favorite of the night would have to be their cover of Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up.

My apologies for the poor video quality. But maybe you can close your eyes while listening. It’s such an amazing song, and Fonzi and Friends gave such a heartwarming performance.

I’m looking forward to more legs of this tour, and hoping I could watch all of ’em. My congratulations to Fonzi and Friends, all the organizers, volunteers and donors. You are doing a beautiful thing.

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