Bargain Crazy

I have always been a sucker for cheap thrills. And this is apparent in my love for thrift shopping and bargain hunting. Call me “kuripot” but I absolutely find it crazy to spend loads of money on bags, clothes, shoes and accessories. Well maybe on several occasions, I may have violated this rule, but I tell you, it takes me a lot of time to think before buying high ticket items. Plus, buying things at sale prices gives me a certain kind of high. Don’t you agree?

Well anyway, I indulged myself of this habit in the last two weeks with some thrift and bargain shopping. And I’d like to show you how shopping at a budget can give you a lot of pretty fabulous things.

Here are my shoe finds which total under P1,000! Talk about a steal!

“Cynthia” Shoes

“Kia” Shoes

Mona and I bought the same exact pairs yesterday at Shoebox Abreeza. We couldn’t resist since they were on a crazy sale with flats at only P399 each! And yes, you read that right, the black flats are named Kia. Lucky break! I was already ready to pay for the Cynthia flats, then as I looked up at the other shoe boxes, I saw one that had the same name as mine. So I asked the kind saleslady if I could take a look, and lo and behold, they were such cuties!

Now on to accessories. All under P400!

Also, I received some goodies from my PIC Ana. I love them to bits!

These trinkets make me so happy! Can’t wait to use these all on outfit posts!


Kia ❤

PS. Photos taken with the iPhone4s. DSLR please come soon.

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