Four Year Strong

As I was tweet stalking Β reading tweets last night, I noticed this one tweet from Manila Concert Scene talking about a band called Four Year Strong holding a concert in the country. Since I couldn’t help but think how aptly the name fit today’s occasion, I am borrowing the band name and making it as today’s blog post title (Thank you Manila Concert Scene and the band!).

Today is a special day because Fonzi and I just turned four years! My longest relationship to-date. πŸ™‚

I couldn’t believe how fast time flew. I was going through the photos and couldn’t stop myself from smiling! We have been through a lot! Haircuts and weight gains, travels and out of town jobs, but still here we are. Together, but for now just not with one another, like he said a few days ago.

I know he’ll be reading this soon enough. So to Fonzi, I’d just like to say: Thanks for always keeping up with my insanity and shoe whoring (HAHA!), for smacking sense into my brain when I’m off being my paranoid self (AS USUAL), and for just being there when I need you. Even when it’s just to go window shopping and look at girly stuff with me. Here’s to the last four years and the years to come. To more travels, eating sprees, movie dates and dreams.Β I love you. ❀



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