Pump’d Up

Thrifted turtleneck blouse | SM Department Store Skirt | VNC Pumps | Pump’d Necklace

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I began my day as a Management Trainee and ended it as an Officer. Tomorrow I am officially the Assistant Business Manager of BPI Davao Ayala Abreeza branch. I have never felt more nervous in my entire life than I am about this.

Good thing I’ll be on day off tomorrow and Friday, so I can report for work and turnover by this weekend. Yes, it’s goodbye weekends for me! Well at least for most of the year. I’m definitely getting myself hyped up for this new adventure! I have so much to learn and I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of booboos on the way, but I guess that’s one good way of learning.

In other news, remember the meeting I talked about in my last entry? Well I’m super psyched to say that Mona, Ana and I have finally opened our online store and what better day than on Valentine’s day. Our quaint store is called Pump’d Accessories (hence the title of this blogpost). Pump’d offers fashion accessories at super affordable prices! If you would notice, the sparkly necklace I’m wearing is one of our “sold before posted” items.

Please do visit and like Pump’d Accessories here. You might just find something that suits your fancy.


Kia ❀

PS. Thanks Mona for the outfit shots! xx

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