Invisible Children #stopkony2012

This week, my timeline has been filled with one name — Kony. I wasn’t entirely sure who this person was, until this morning when I finally decided to click one of the links and watched the video.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So now, I join the cause by simply becoming an avenue for information dissemination. This is after all what the video was telling us — to be a voice, to educate, to make other people aware of the monstrosity that this person is creating in Uganda.

I am a strong believer in equality. And I think that people should have equal rights to experience education, freedom, and childhood wherever we may live. The part of the video that hit me the most was just a single sentence: “Where we live doesn’t determine whether we live.”

Here’s the video. Watch it. Learn from it. Spread it. Let’s help in making Kony famous.  He is one of the world’s worst criminals and he has to be stopped. And WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.


Sign the Pledge:

Purchase Kony 2012 merchandise:

Tweet: Use the following hashtags #kony2012 #stopkony #invisiblechildren


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