These Days

These past few weeks have been nothing less than crazy at work. We’ve been going home so late due to the enormous increase in our transaction count. I have been taking lunch at 4:00 pm daily, and my legs almost always hurt because of too much standing and walking around the branch. But, despite all this, I am happy! I need this busy-body feeling to keep me distracted. So it’s definitely happy stress (even if I’m on the verge of crying sometimes!).

However, due to this new-found “busy-ness”, I have sadly neglected my blog and have had zero time to update my social networking life. But thanks to Instagram, I’ve still had to chance to micro-blog using my phone. Here are some snapshots from this past month which I’d like to share with you to make up for my lack in updates.




The letter that made me kilig!



“Earthworks” by Kublai on Abreeza grounds



Dinner date with the girls at Cafe Demittase


Chika-an bonding with my BPI Abreeza family after a loooong day

Crazy day face

My sister’s ombre hair

Unico nephew, Nui

Best kept secret.


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