Summer Loving

As in usual BPI tradition, we are treated to a summer outing annually. This year, I was lucky enough to have joined two outings. The first one was for BPI Abreeza, and the second was for BPI Davao Corporate Center. Since I’m still waiting for the photos of the Abreeza outing (Hi Benny, pictures please!), I’m writing about the Corporate Center outing first.

We went to Villa Amparo Resort in Samal this year, a big change from the past two outings where we only stayed within Davao City.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio

The resort was only accessible via barge then land trip, so it took a while before we got there. But the trip was super worth it as the resort was really a breath of fresh air. It was a quaint beach area with amenities that really allowed guests to relax, enjoy each other’s company, beach water and some aqua sports as well.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio

A gazebo welcomed the guests upon arrival, but our group chose to stay in what was called the “Little Samal”. It was an extension islet situated in the middle of the beach.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio
(c) Yankee Eustaquio

Here I am with Lysette, Arvee, Yankee and Mark at the Little Samal gazebo which we owned immediately upon getting there.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio
(c) Yankee Eustaquio

Because we got there early, and there was no water yet for some sea water frolicking, we entertained ourselves with various activities that are perfectly apt for beach trips. Of course, photo whoring was one of them.

Taken by Arvee Sanchez, edited by me.

Sea Stars
Mark, Yankee and Lysette
Settie. Spot me and Yankee in the photo! | (c) Yankee Eustaquio
(c) Lysette Tan

We played card games, from Tong-its to 1,2,3 pass to Piat-piat and hung out with cute little Chazzy.

(c) Roy Enriquez
(c) Yankee Eustaquio
Clockwise from left: Yankee, Lysette, me, Maam Tonette, Mark and Chazzy | (c) Roy Enriquez

Plus we had a lot of crazy, funny topics in between. In the usual Corporate Center spirit, we had an abundance of food! Lechon and Rice for breakfast at 10 am, and some Grilled Chicken, Tuna Belly, Pinakbet and Pancit for lunch at 1 pm. We had very happy tummies indeed.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio
(c) Yankee Eustaquio

The water rose at around 3 pm, which meant time for some water play. We had little pictures in the water since we were all having fun splashing around and talking. Later on, when the tide was too high to be staying near the islet, we headed off to the swing area.

Clockwise from left: Charlie, Lysette, me, Yankee, Arvee, Sir Art, Mark, GJ and Chloe | (c) Roy Enriquez
(c) Roy Enriquez
(c) Yankee Eustaquio

At around 5 pm, we decided to leave the resort and resume the fun at Charlie’s place where we dined on Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Manok and some Ice Cream for dessert. But only after Arvee and Lysette rocked the Xbox Kinect Dance Game.

(c) Yankee Eustaquio

Needless to say, I had a grand time with my BPI Davao Corporate family! Iba talaga ang Corporate! I miss being in the same building as these people, and I hope next year will be just as fun, if not more than that!

PS. Here’s what I wore:

SM Accessories Fedora | My sister’s sunnies from Greenhills| SM Department Store button down | True Love shorts | Havaianas Pilipinas flipflops

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