Last Saturday Night

Saturday night was a blast for me, not because I got to go out on a weekend after a loooong time, but more so because I was able to spend it with friends I love dearly. I spent it with two of my best friends Trina and Jing, plus Trina’s boyfriend Kiel. It was a chill night at Blugre MTS, where we talked and laughed endlessly. Jilo and Lloyd also came to hang out, which made it more fun.

Here are some photos from my iPhone, since I still don’t know how to use Baby Red (my DSLR) yet.

So this is my best friend, Trina. She works as a Flight Attendant at Philippine Airlines. She’s been based in MNL for the last 4 years. Which is why every time she gets to visit, I make it a point to meet up with her. Nights like this always bring me back to our high school days when we were just careless and free (but of course we worried about boys just like any other normal teenage girl). Come to think of it, we’ve known each other since I was 8 and she was 7! She is definitely one of the few who know me best.

Goofing around with Trina and Kiel

And this other lady is Jing, one of our best friends. I swear, whoever becomes her boyfriend (in the near future I hope) will be the luckiest guy! She is not only pretty but sweet and super caring as well! I love this girl to bits!

Earlier I mentioned that Trina’s friend Lloyd was also there. We share the same last name, Ledesma, and this shot is supposed to be the ‘Long Lost Cousins’ shot, since Jing’s Mom’s middle name is also Ledesma. Perhaps we may all be related! Lloyd contributed a lot to the laughs we shared that night.

Group shot to cap off the night!

I definitely cannot wait for our MNL trip this July!




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