Fly With Me

This summer, we enrolled my not-so-little brother Kyle at Musikademy. He took up private singing lessons under Raffy, Fonzi’s former Carillon co-member and friend. And yesterday was his first recital! I even took a day off from work just to be there to support our baby (he hates it when I call him baby!).

I was there with my Mom, sister Keisha, grandma Mamus and the rest of the family including our beyond cute nephew Baby Nui. While other recitalists were performing their numbers, especially the guitar players, he would play air guitar with them!

When it was finally Kyle’s turn, I got to hear what people kept on telling me the past few days — girls going gaga over my baby brother! Oh no!

He sang “Fly With Me” by the Jonas Brothers (hence, the blogpost title) and I must admit, it’s a catchy song! I’ve been singing it a lot in my head lately. Here’s the link to the video.

After his solo, he also performed with the Music Theater group as they did excerpts from the movie/musical Grease. Too cute for words seeing him as a T-bird in faux leather, jeans and Chucks! Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos then since I used my camera to take videos. (Note to self: save up for lenses that can shoot clearly from a distance.) I’m so, so proud of my brother! I’m definitely gonna work hard so I can enroll him for more lessons!

Anyhow, on to what I wore for the day.

I borrowed my sister’s shirt, tied it at the front since it was too loose, put on the mullet that I bought just a few hours before, and used my trustee Tom’s since I thought heels would be too much. It was quite a laid back look that I put together in 5 minutes because my body decided to take a nap thirty minutes before we were set to leave!

Wore my The Bead Shop “Dream” bracelet, beaded bracelet that I got from SM’s Filipino store, and pink Kenneth Cole watch, and I was set to go. Pictures are a bit blurry though, since my sister and I are still learning the tricks to using the camera. Better photos in the future I hope!

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