Make Up Junkie

I love it when I have events to attend because this means I not only get to dress up, but I get to put on some make up as well. Unbeknownst to many, this is one of my favorite past times. Looking through YouTube videos of tutorials, and trying them on myself. I used to (and still do) dream of enrolling myself in a Make Up Class/Workshop. My obvious favorite is the Smokey Eye since I have so much eyelid to fill with colors!

And because on one of my days off, I decided to clean my make up kit, I thought why not make a blog entry about it?

My make up collection is composed mostly of gifts from my Tita. Last year though, while I was in MNL, I bought lots of lippies to add to my collection as well. I’m not brand conscious when it comes to make up, and as you will see below, I have not a single piece of MAC in my kit. My love for cheap thrills is seen even in my choice of beauty products. Anyway, here’s what’s inside my make up box!

This is the box I use in the office, something that I stole from my Mom. But in reality, I have a bigger plastic box at home, plus two containers for my lippies kept inside our refrigerator.


One of my best buys in MNL. It only costs Php 850! But I’m still itching to get an Urban Decay palette though!

I have mostly browns and bronzes since I like going towards the Natural looks more than the more colorful/experimental ones.


My favorite primer is the rightmost L’Oreal. It keeps my eye shadow on for hours and hours.

Barely-used foundations since I prefer pressed powder only. They are light on my face and keep it free of pimples.

My current favorite among the blushes is the Maybelline Orange one!


Lippie collection: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Clinique, Victoria’s Secret, Revlon, Max Factor (7 of these are gifts!)

Imagine what joy these online finds bring me! All for under Php300 each! Ordered four at Digital Traincase, and bought one at Chimes Abreeza.

All gifts! The chubby stick is awesome!


My brush set which I keep clean with baby shampoo. They are so easy on the pocket but give great results anyway!

The most trusted brush set: Marionnaud and ELF Professional (all from SM Department Store).

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did posting!



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