Manila Finds

Just came home from my 11-day MNL trip. Had the grandest time with Fonzi and my girl friends, but more on that later. Too excited to show you all the stuff I hoarded whilst I was there. Talk about going for broke. But who cares, yeah? This is one those buy now, worry later things. (NOTE TO SELF: No more purchases until kingdom come!)

Colorful Uniqlo jean leggings I couldn’t resist! Wish I had money to buy all colors 😦
*not a purchase* Thanks to my friend Johanna for bringing this straight from Aussieland!
Sheer tops and Red Elephant pants from Robinsons Pioneer
Ukay finds from Tagaytay
Lone accessory I bought, faux pearl collar necklace from Landmark (a.k.a cheap thrills haven)
Parisian ballet flats
Solemate flats (bought at 2 for P399.75!)
My favorite buys! iPhone cases!!!

*not in entry: two crystal ear caps which i forgot at fonzi’s place :(*

Do you like them?



*photos taken and edited with Instagram*


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