Playing with Rainbows

Been back for a week now. Thankfully, work has been kinder to me these past few days. I like my new schedule, ie Mondays-Tuesdays off. Yesterday, to make good use of time, Mona and I went to CBB to present about our new accident insurance product to the teachers. After the quick presentation, we found a lot of pretty things including a wall of rainbows and a real wall perfect for our casual outfits.

Thrifted knitted blouse | SM Dept Store Floral Tanktop | Uniqlo Jean Leggings | Bazaar Flats | Greenhills iPhone Case | Celine Bangle

hype on here



*photos by Mona Tombo*


2 thoughts on “Playing with Rainbows

  1. gandaaaaa ng photos.hihihihi

    this is going to be our weekly activity.
    caravan and *you know*

    It’s always fun hanging out with you.

    annnnnd isip na tyo themes/concepts and places.



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