Violets are Blue

First off, Happy 27th Kadayawan Festival to my glorious hometown, Davao!

A lot of people of rejoicing now because Davao has a five-day weekend. Yes, FIVE DAYS! Well, at least for most. We at the Abreeza branch have weekend work, and what a lovely coincidence that this quarter’s days off are on Mondays and Tuesdays. BOO! But anyways, enough of the negativity! Shall we focus on good things now? Yes?

My Kuya is here now for the festivities, so I took advantage of him being here. I asked him to take my look shots today since my blog is SOOO out of date already! I had to do some work in the afternoon, so I thought it was a chance to dress up in my usual casual but “blog-able” outfit.

Work has been really stressful the past few weeks, so a break like this, I’d like to think is most deserved! Plus I need to regain my love for work, really. I’m beginning to doubt if I can survive branch operations sometimes. The good thing is, I work with a great set of people and this makes me want to really love what I’m doing.

Anyway, my branchmates and I are planning to go to the beach on Monday! I hope that pushes through so that I can blog another look post but this time, on a Davao (well, technically, Samal) beach. *fingers crossed*

On to my look! I’m currently into color blocks right now, as in mixing and matching block colors which I normally didn’t use to do. I wore my sheer purple polo which I got from Robinsons Department Store in Pioneer for the nth time and my old white shorts from AE Outfitters. Since I’m basically in “corporate” clothes all the time, I grab every opportunity I can to wear shorts.

Paired the purple with my aqua satchel that I got at Cole Vintage last year, and some accessories in pink and purple shades.

And because I had a pedicure earlier, I had to wear shoes that wouldn’t ruin the cute blue polish. Perfect, perfect opportunity to take my Montego Bay flats from Payless for a spin!

We took the photos at around 1 pm, hence my sunnies (plus I had zero make-up as usual!). I love the overexposed effect of the photos, by the way! What do you think about my look?

SM Department Store Sunnies | Fab Sheer Polo from Robinsons Department Store | AE Outfitters White Shorts | Montego Bay Flats from Payless Shoe Source | Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch | “Dream” The Bead Shop Bracelet | Accessorize Ring from Ana

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