If you think my title pays homage to the new series, it doesn’t. Although, I am considering downloading the episodes after seeing one a few days back. The title has something to do with something which I would rather not talk about here, but since it captures today pretty spot on, then I guess it would have to do.

May I just say I particularly enjoyed my three days off this week being a sloth for most of it. Crossing my fingers that I can have a repeat soon!

Anyway, on to the outfit. I was about to wear this casual get-up to do grocery shopping with my Mom, but since it drizzled a bit, I decided to change to jeans and drop the hat and feathers as well. Since my sister and I already took the photos though, I thought why not just post them anyway?

All my The Bead Shop bracelets having a party. Love, Dream and Inspire.

Wore the shorts my sister “pimped” with purple and pink dyes. I must say she really has a knack for creating lovely artsy things.

And what better match to a laid-back outfit than a pair of 6-year old floral Keds? Must get more of these.

My hair was extra cooperative today so do forgive my added vain-ness with the next two photos which I edited via my phone.

So, what do you think about this look?

hype on here

Baleno plain v-neck shirt | True Love shorts from SM Department Store | SM Accessories Fedora | St. Francis Square headband with feathers | Keds sneakers | The Bead Shop bracelets | Kenneth Cole watch




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