Pearls and Prints

Lucky coincidence to be in the same place with the best people. Today was one of them.

I was able to visit my Godson Alexander Gabriel with another one of his Godmothers (and one of my closest friends), Mona, and took the opportunity to take some outfit shots at Ana’s picturesque place as well.

It was my first time to try the animal print trend for an outfit shot, so hopefully this wasn’t a failed attempt at donning this look.

I have long been looking for that perfect crochet top that would make a look slouchy but pretty. Yesterday, while browsing through the racks of What a Girl Wants in Abreeza while accompanying my sister, I found just the right one!

I have this philosophy in dressing up which is only to bare just the right amount of skin. For instance if I show skin on top, the bottom half has to be covered, and vice versa. As I was putting together this outfit, I saw that the blouse ran too low in front to be paired with shorts. My bright idea for the day was to wear my top on backwards with the plunging part at the back instead, and voila! I think it works pretty well especially with the pearl collar necklace on top.

On my days off, I hardly ever wear heels so my feet can rest. I chose to wear my SM Parisian orange ballet flats which I got for only Php 499! Talk about fashion for cheap!

There’s bound to be a quirky looking facial expression on all my outfit shots!

Bare-faced, zero make up look always on days off. Okay, okay, even on work days!

Do you like my look?

What a Girl Wants Crochet Top | The Landmark Pearl Collar Necklace | Bazaar Butterfly Ring | Shopaholic Shorts by SM Girls Teens Wear | SM Parisian Ballet Flats | Rubi purse (from my friend in Aussieland, Johanna)

hype on here

*Photos and “art direction” by Mona Tombo (hugs!)*



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