Cebu Day 1: Eat your heart out

Just got back from Cebu today. Spent a good three and a half days with my Mom and siblings, and we didn’t kill each other! HAHA Kidding.

We booked this flight late last year thanks to CebPac’s promo fares, and even planned to go on a day tour to Bohol. HOWEVER, the weather would have it bad when we arrived, my Mom didn’t want to risk it. When we finally decided to book a trip, we were out of tickets already. Sad, but at least this gives us another destination for the next family trip, maybe?

So, on to day 1 then?

Our flight was at 8 am, hence the tired eyes and super haggard look. I swear, whoever travels so fashionably chic deserves an award! It’s definitely not an easy feat especially with all the bag tugging and all the other paraphernalia.

It was sunny when we landed so we dropped our bags at the hotel and walked around the neighborhood. The place happened to be right smack in the center of some of Cebu’s tourist attractions, which includes the Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro and Basilica de Sto. Nino.

By the time we were done dropping by the Cathedral, it was getting hot and we were quite hungry as well. We didn’t get to have any decent breakfast before our flight, so we all decided it was time…to eat! We headed to Ayala Center and ate at Cebu’s famous Casa Verde.

We just ordered two plates of their best selling Brian’s Ribs, but they were huge! Kyle and I shared one order, and Mom and Keish did the same. It was really a big chunk of meat, but lo and behold, here is mine and Kyle’s after we devoured it like wolves (well, not literally, but you get what I mean).

And as if that wasn’t enough, we decided to grab some Gelato for desserts. Who could resist Gelatissimo? Definitely not us!

It rained while we were in Ayala Terraces so we had to wait til the rains stopped before heading back to the hotel to check in. When it did, we went straight to the hotel, and after checking in, we all dozed off! Knocked out from the super early trip. When we all got up, the sun was already down. We decided to head to SM City Cebu for a quick stroll, some shopping and more food! Forever 21 was on sale there so of course we took advantage (a little), then opted to eat at Sunburst.

More to come for days 2 and 3!



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