A Very Abreeza Christmas

BPI Abreeza being a busy branch is an understatement. I can not emphasize how much stress we all experience operating a branch that’s open 7 days a week. Being as it may, we definitely deserved a treat. Thanks to our Branch Manager, Ma’am Sol, we had just that for Christmas. We had a fun party filled with great food, games and laughs.


The party was hosted by The Peridot Suites, a nice quaint hotel in Belisario Village. The place was well-lit, with good food too. They even prepared a simple fruits and chocolates tray for us.






Everyone was excited to open all the presents, as well as some raffle prizes courtesy of our sponsor, MM Marble. We also prepared a little something for our hardworking messenger and guards to thank them for all the help they give us at the branch.




We had an assortment of food in our menu, but my most favorite was of course the famous Lechon, thanks to another one of our sponsors, Loloy. Here’s the BPI Abreeza Β family minus Jessa (who came in later).


After dinner, we let the games begin. It was my first time to play Pinoy Henyo, and I was so ecstatic at having guessed the word correctly. Look how happy I was.


We didn’t win that game though, but we sure did win the other one. Take a photo of the prettiest girl in the group and then make her more beautiful, so to speak. HAHA πŸ˜€


Three weeks too late, but belated Happy Holidays from the BPI Abreeza family!






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