My Best Friend’s Wedding

There’s just really something about weddings that make them magical. It must be the celebration of love shared by two people vowing in front of God to continue this love through whatever comes their way. This one was doubly special because it was the wedding of my best friend! Trina and I have known each other since we were 8 and 7, and we practically grew up together. So, to be a witness to the start of another chapter in her life is a great privilege, especially since she picked me to be her Maid of Honor.



Everything about the wedding was beautiful. The gown, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and the December air filled the church with such a pleasant aura.


Trina was radiant in a three-piece masterpiece by her cousins Aztec and Popoy Barba of Patahian. It was as if she popped out from a fairytale royal wedding with birds and mice helping her out! Sorry, I couldn’t help but insert a little bit of Disney in here, it reminds me so much of Cinderella sans the wicked stepmother and sisters of course!



I rode with the bride to the church and her pre-wedding jitters were so cute! I guess it really is like this for most brides, it is your last day as a single lady after all.


Here I am in my teal Patahian dress which was divine! I felt like a real maid-in-waiting actually.


Giving away children for marriage may be tough, but parents really are getting another son. Perhaps that is the true beauty of marriage. It isn’t only a union of two people, but of two families. Trina’s parents were a lovely sight to see. They looked so carefree and happy! Plus, it was also their wedding anniversary on this day.

The groom, Kiel, was equally dashing in Patahian as well. And his smile at that moment when he saw his bride, was priceless.





And then they kissed and became man and wife.






The reception which followed at the Apo View Hotel was equally lovely. There was a lot of laughter, some tears (of joy!) and a room filled with guests who adore the newlyweds. It helped that the food and entertainment were great too!






And while the Best Man gave the newlyweds a toast, my assignment was to sing the song for their first dance. I chose Two Words by Lea Salonga. Seeing Trina dancing with her dad was heart-warming, she even cried. Awwww.




It was really a great day, and I am looking forward to be part of more firsts in their journey as a married couple (clingy! haha).

Love you Trina, Kiel and little Inigo! ❤

All my best wishes,


*all photos by Simply Gray Studio*


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