Palawan Fun

For our fifth anniversary, Fonzi and I decided to go somewhere out of the ordinary. I’ve always wanted to see Puerto Princesa so when the opportunity came through a seat sale last year, we jumped at it. It was a short but sweet trip, we arrived Tuesday morning and went home Thursday morning as well. But it was worth it! Definitely there’s bound to be a next time so we can see more of the tourist spots!


I always get window seats when we travel together (spoiled brat!), which is why I had an upside down smile on our flight home. We were seated at the very last row, NO WINDOWS! Booo. Anyhow, we arrived in Palawan a little over 11 in the morning. We stayed in Go Hotels, and luckily a mall was beside it. How convenient. On our way to the mall while waiting for check in, a tricycle driver drove near and asked us if we had already booked a city tour. We hadn’t at that point, so when he offered to give us a tour that afternoon for Php 500, it was an easy yes. I noticed that they didn’t have any taxi cabs around, so it’s great that their LGU conducts trainings and certification programs for tricycle drivers to be official tour guides.


Our first stop was at an old governor’s house where Ziplining and Horseback Riding are available, with a majestic view of the Puerto Princesa greenery. This is where my infamous Facebook profile picture came from, if any of you reading this are my friends in Facebook. They said I looked fresh, but if you ask me, I was fresh from a trike ride and lucky enough to have the wind blowing in my hair effect, that’s all.


Our next stop was at Baker’s Hill where they sell Palawan’s special Hopia, which was so good by the way! It was also an exhibition of beautiful landscapes and was a hang out spot for people I noticed. It was there that Fonzi tried the Tamilok or Mangrove Worms, which according to him tasted like Oysters. But, really, worms?! I couldn’t dare.



We told our tour guide/trike driver Kuya Deoni we’d skip on the croc park and butterfly sanctuary since we also had those back home, and we were raising against the sunset to see Baywalk.


Palawan’s seal is made of a Peacock, since they are known to be the residence of the smallest Peacocks, or the Palawan Peacocks. It has 66 rays, if I remember correctly, each representing a municipality.


While we were in Baywalk, we saw a news team of Solar News as well! Lucky coincidence! (Fonzi’s dad works for Solar News)


I just had to take a photo of the fish before it got dark. Baywalk was the last leg of our city tour. The next day, we were set to visit one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. I remember voting for this online last year just so I could help in having it included in the list. We stopped by an interesting gift/souvenir shop on the way. I couldn’t stop clicking away at all the nice things at the store. Here are some of them.

Palawan9 Palawan10 Palawan11

Finally, after two hours worth of travel with two balikbayans from Australia, and an American working as a professor in Malaysia, we arrived at the PPUR site.

Palawan12 Palawan13

I swear we looked like Mario and Luigi in those protective gear. The tour was around 40 minutes, and went up to 150 meters inside (I think). Our boatman (tour guide inside the cave) was hilarious, and I hear they all are. We saw different cave formations, some even looking like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, normal grocery food items, and even Pacquiao’s boxing glove! Halfway through though I felt a little claustrophobic and a little scared of falling into the water. They say there are water eels there. And most definitely tons of small bats.

Palawan15 Palawan16

However, the experience was marvelous and I would really recommend you all to go to the PPUR. It is an amazing wonder of nature that should be visited and talked about.


It was a good start to a fifth anniversary celebration. What followed next was dinner at Ka Lui, a by-reservation restaurant which was surprisingly cheap. The food was great, and the ambiance amazing. We had to remove our footwear to eat there, and that was a first for me. Took tons of pictures, but for this entry’s sake, I’m just posting one.


Of course, I had to drop by BPI to see my classmate and ‘Bru” Wehla, to thank her for booking our Ka Lui reservation.


Cannot wait for the next Palawan trip. There’s still El Nido, Honda Bay and a lot more to discover!



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