Three months later, you’d guess I would have saved the world by this time. Engkkkk.

Actually I have been caught up with work, no household help, and more work. That means no more outfit shots since I-dunno-when, and no time for blogging either. What’s a narcissistic girl gotta do in times like this? *insert pa-cute face* Just kidding! I did what any young (yes I said young) adult does these days, micro-blog via Instagram and take a LOT of selfies.

The selfie is such an interesting phenomenon. I admit, I’ve been doing it ever since I owned a camera phone. So, last night out of curiosity and some brainstorming for what to post here. I googled (I think that’s an acceptable word now, yes?) the word selfie and found out from good old Wikipedia that it is an actual genre of self-portraiture. Designer and photographer Jim Krause popularized the word in the mid-2000s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selfie).

With the onset of social media, the selfie has never been more popular. All you need is a camera phone, a mirror. If you have ninja skills, you can even do it without the mirror!Β Admit it, you’re part of the bandwagon too!

Anyway, for the sake of posting something here, and boring you all with my face, here are my 8 favorite selfies while I was on hiatus. Please don’t hate me. πŸ˜€









Promise to blog more often!




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