Black and White Christmas


As usual it has been a while since my last entry, so let me start by saying Happy 2014 everyone! Here’s to a renewed hope that better things come our way in this brand new year!

I’d like to back track a bit though, and show you how our branch celebrated the Yuletide Season. It’s been a tradition of sorts for us to get dolled up during our Christmas parties. This year we thought about doing a costume party for fun. However, there was really a lack in prep time, so we opted to go for the classics instead. Because really, you’ll never go wrong with black and white.

Our simple party was held at the same venue as last year’s, The Peridot Suites. As always, the ambiance was cozy, and the food was great. The night was filled with fun and games, a little entertainment, and a whole lot of raffle prizes. It was even more special since we were able to share the party with our Area Head, our branch guards and messenger, and our partners.

So, anyway, here are some photos courtesy of our colleague and adopted member of the branch, Mr. Roy Enriquez. Plus, there’s also a video made by Chino, our teller Jessa’s boyfriend. Enjoy!












BPI Ayala Abreeza YearEnd Party 720 from Ginmanflat on Vimeo.



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