GenSan Fun


Last weekend, I got to tag along with Fonzi on his work-related trip to GenSan for the Mindanao Cyber Expo 2014. It was a quick overnight trip, but a chance for me to go back to my Lola’s hometown after almost 4 years. I was in awe of how much the city has changed, with more establishments, malls, hotels, all sprouting like mushrooms. Nonetheless, the old city feel still remained the same — the tricycles still commanded the streets, and the sun still seemed to shine a little brighter on their side of the island. Spent most of the trip at SM GenSan and our hotel, but I’m not one to complain. It was a pretty relaxing weekend (plus a chance to have outfit shots taken by someone else!) so all-in-all I was quite the happy free-rider!






SM Dept. Store Top | Mango Shorts | Privileged Oxfords | Sunnies by Charlie Sunnies | SM Parisian Bag



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