Big Hotel

For my birthday this year, I booked a flight to Singapore with Fonzi. This was my first travel abroad since Hong Kong in 2011 (it’s been too long, I know!). As soon as all the flight details had been settled, the next step was to look for accommodation. For this trip it was a choice between AirBNB’s rent-a-room style offers or the traditional hotel search. We compared prices between AirBNB and Agoda, and soon found ourselves leaning towards the hotel route. The main reason – breakfast! This was the deciding factor. We were browsing the options we had and found one in the Bugis area – Big Hotel. The room in the photos looked okay, and there was free breakfast. It was a little pricey but given the difference from the AirBNB rates was forgivable, we eventually booked the hotel. The choice made for a better trip, given it was already going to be great being in and experiencing another country. Traveling takes a toll on the body, since as tourists, we need to maximize our stay there by heading to a multitude of places in a day just to make the trip well worth it or in Tagalog sulit. This is why choosing a place to stay is also pretty important. There are times when you can be ‘cowboys’ and all, but really, comfort plays a big role in the overall enjoyment of the trip. And you can treat youselves once in a while, too, right?

The hotel was right in the downtown area, at 200 Middle Road. It was near the Bugis train station, and has bus stops just right across the street. Food hawkers and bargain buys were within walking distance, as well as two malls Bugis Junction and Bugis+. When we got there to check in, the lobby and its industrial design (not really sure if that’s the correct term) immediately appealed to me. The lobby was located on the basement floor along with the hotel’s restaurant named Froth. On the mezzanine floor, there was an art gallery (sorry, no pictures!) and a bar.

We were assigned a room at the 11th floor, room 1120. The room was a bit small, as we only chose one that would make for comfortable sleeping since we were out most of the day anyway. The bed was marvelous! It gave the inviting, soft and warm feeling at the end of a tiring day. The room also had a central control system in the form of a Nexus Tablet. That was cool! Room lighting and the television could be controlled using that. It was also Wifi connected allowing guests to use it for all things ‘touristy’ in Singapore, like checking maps, schedules, prices and just things to do.

Breakfast was served at Froth, plated in. There were a bunch of choices to order from Laksa, French Toast, Omelette to the Big Breakfast. Guests with meal stubs could just check their order on a checklist provided upon entering Froth and in a few minutes large plates would be served. The place also had overflowing coffee, milk, bread and cereals as well. Plus plus plus! All these considered, I would definitely recommend Big Hotel if you happen to be looking for accommodation in Singapore. Be sure to check Agoda though, as their pricing is quite lower compared to the regular website and you can avail of their sales and deals.

You may check out the hotel’s website here, and find them on Agoda here.

More on the Singapore trip soon!



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