Singapore Sights




We arrived in Singapore at around lunch time and after a quick check in, we immediately set out to explore the city starting off with the famous landmarks. Getting there was quite easy as Singapore has a very efficient transport system, perhaps even one of the best. I think the entire city is covered with railways and buses enabling locals and visitors to go from point to point without so much hassle. Obviously I am amazed at their transport system, but that’s a story for another time. Our first stop was the Merlion. According to Wikipedia, it is the national personification of Singapore. The name is derived from the combination of “mer” meaning the sea and lion. It represents Singapore’s origins as a fishing village, as well as its original name Singapura which means “lion city”.






Within the immediate compound we could also see Marina Bay Sands hotel, the Singapore flyer, and Gardens by the Bay. These places seemed to be quite near, but as our walking around proved, they just must be so massive that we could still see them from where we were. We were only able to visit Marina Bay Sands after the Merlion. So we made sure to check out the Sky Park to see more of the beautiful Singapore skyline instead. The hotel was as large as we could imagine, and the Marina Mall housed so many brands, the kinds that make you wish you had tons of money to burn on shopping.








It took us about an hour or so to get to the hotel from the Merlion Park. We passed by a stadium and the Helix bridge too. I thought that was the longest walk I’ve had in years, but when you’re on a touristy vacation then walking is a must. (Note to Self: Wear walking shoes next time!) We could not have possibly visited all the places in just six hours. So for now the skyline pictures will do, with the hope of getting to visit sometime soon to see more.



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