Singapore Travel Tips


We have come to the last leg of my Singapore travel diary. I’m still having separation anxiety with that place until now. I’ve gone to Cebu twice since, but I’m still excited to write more about the SG experience. I’m not the most frequent traveler, but still I’d like to share some bits of advice for those who plan to visit the country. After all, it might just help you out!

2Pack light and right. This was one of my mistakes on this trip. Due to my busy work schedule prior to the trip, my laundry kind of got back logged and I was left with a few items to bring with me. Singapore has very hot and humid weather, sometimes I feel it was even hotter than the Philippines. It is best to bring breezy clothes, shorts and dresses to ensure comfort as you move around. Walking shoes is also a must!

3Choose a nice and convenient place to stay. I wrote about our awesome hotel here. Still there are other options like AirBNB or even couch surfing. It is definitely up to you!


Be tech savvy. Before leaving Davao, I purchased a converter so I can convert to the three-pronged sockets there. Fonzi also thought about bringing along an extension wire. This was a bit bulky, but was very useful as we had a camera, iPads and phones with us so we were able to plug them in all at once. Also, make sure to always charge, and come prepared with powerbanks just in case. In order to stay connected, we also rented a pocket wifi device at the airport. At SGD 10 per day, it was Godsent. We were able to use our Google Maps to not get lost as the router had about 10 hours of battery life and internet speeds like nothing else.


Take public transportation. Like I said, I am amazed at the transportation system of Singapore. It’s convenient, clean, organized and way cheaper than the taxi cabs. We computed our spending on the MRT and SG bus lines for our trip, and it cost us lower than the average taxi fares in Manila or Davao for that matter. You can choose to buy their EZLink card for SGD 5 (this is what we did) and load it or just buy one-way tickets at the MRT stations.


Eat local delicacies. Okay, okay, the photo really doesn’t scream local enough. But I think trying out the food hawkers was one of the things I was adamant about. I’m not the type to explore on food much, however, I was enticed to try their local dishes. Plus again, it’s way cheaper than eating in fast foods all the time.



Walk around, check Pinoy communities. This was kind of a surprise for us that we stumbled upon Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road. It must be Pinoy heaven in Singapore as we saw Pinoy stores and even a Jollibee branch. The line was insanely long, and I wouldn’t wonder why at all. I am always in awe of how fellow Filipinos are able to live outside of our country, so this kind of immersion is welcome in my book.


Be a tourist, visit theme parks and popular landmarks. This. is. a. must. My previous blog posts here, here and here should be proof enough.


Buy something you really, really want. Before the trip, I made a list of things I wanted to buy on the trip and glad to say I ticked off 5 of 7. This will burn a hole through your pocket, but at least you go home with a happy heart (HAHA). Don’t forget to bring your passport and immigration card with you when you shop so you can avail of their tax refund at the airport. Just inform the cashier that you’re a tourist and would like to avail of the tax refund, so they can give you a different receipt. Receipts must be at least SGD 100 to be eligible though.


There are so much more tips I can include, but I guess these are the most important ones I can think of. Here’s to hoping you have a great time in Singapore too!



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