Stress Busting

It’s been quite a month at work (Hello, Audit!) and as usual I’ve resorted to a bunch of stress relievers to keep the work-life balance going. De-stressing varies among people. While others would prefer the spa-parlor-short getaway routes, I personally lean towards other non-pampering options. I’ve been inserting some “me” time these past few days in my schedule, and since I think I owe this blog a new entry, I thought about listing the things I bury my busy head in when I want to relax.

One of my favorite songs by my favorite person. @fonzimarquez

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The first on the list will always be music. For the month of October, my music plate has been filled with a lot of things. While there’s Spotify and all my Christmas playlists, choir practices and rehearsals for an upcoming musical production, the one I enjoy the most is listening to my boyfriend Fonzi play at this coffee shop named Java Jive. He’s currently their featured artist of the month and he’s been playing every Friday night. His last session would be on October 30, at Java Jive Strings (Bajada) Branch. It’s such a pleasant end to my work week just watching him play covers and original songs as well. You can check out his music at his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.


(photo not mine)

The second on my list is *drumroll please* shopping. I guess this is true for most girls. Retail therapy is one of the best ways to keep my stress at bay. However, sometimes I don’t have the luxury to go out and visit malls. The solution? Online shopping! I’m a sucker for bargains so I always end up checking Lazada and Zalora for the best online finds. In fact I’m waiting on two items right now, a silver men’s watch and a cord for my iPod shuffle (since I lost the original one). Aside from cheap finds, I also like that these sites have other promos as well. I was browsing through Zalora and I found out that they have this Mazda Raffle. I’m definitely taking part in this contest!

The last and my most favorite stress reliever is makeup. I put on makeup for fun when I’m bored and more so when I’m stressed. While everyone else is going gaga with adult coloring books, here I am coloring my face! Just recently I’ve finally summed up enough courage to take videos of myself while doing so. With the help of Fonzi and my sister Keisha, I now know how to edit the footage on my own, too. Such an achievement, I must say!

How about you, what do you do when you’re stressed?



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