The Henry, Cebu


So, remember when I told you we’d be going on a trip down the 2015 memory lane? Well here comes the first one. On that unplanned-til-the-week-before trip my friends and I made to Cebu, we decided that we wanted to stay somewhere fancy on the night before leaving. We chose to book that night at The Henry Hotel.

It’s a fairly new boutique hotel located in Banilad, Cebu. In the simplest of today’s new vocabulary – it’s ‘Instagram-worthy’. Every nook of the hotel screamed quirky and staying there seemed like being in a multi-floor gallery of sorts. Immediately after checking in, we decided to go and see the entire hotel and take photos (naturally). We also dove into the pool which was quite relaxing given we had just come from a four-hour drive from Oslob.

I will let the pictures below tell you more about the place. I give it 4/5 since it was quite a splurge considering there was no free breakfast. Overall though, it was still a pretty awesome hotel!




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