Halloweens Past

As a kid, I never really went to any Trick or Treating on Halloweens. Fast forward to today…I’ve been to three parties, three years straight. So I guess I’m kind of making up for lost time. Truth be told, I have always loved to play dress up. The idea of becoming someone else for a while is always interesting and attractive to me. It’s a wonder why I haven’t posted anything about these parties on this blog yet.


What started as ‘pick out something from my closet that can be used as a costume’ became ‘I need to think about what to wear for this year’s Halloween!’. And you know, to be a girl who loves dressing up and makeup, this is such a welcome challenge.


What I love more than the costumes part though, is the company I get to celebrate the parties with. I get to spend it with my siblings, cousins and very good friends, and honestly we all have a blast going as different characters.


In the last two years we’ve attended the Star Warts event hosted by Hip House Productions. So. Much. Fun. I’m proud to say that for two years in a row my cousin Lui bagged the best in costume awards for Merida and Hermione!


This tradition is all thanks to my friend Francis (Winter Soldier and Scary Clown in the pictures here). If he hadn’t invited me to that first party in 2013, then life would be meaningless! Just kidding, but really I cannot wait for this year’s party!



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