Something Wonderful, Something Musical

There are a few things in life that are hard to let go.

For me, this is music.Β All throughout my student years, I joined various productions. Performing on stage was a different kind of high for me, especially when the crowd acknowledged all the hard work through warm applause. It was only when I started working that I began to join less and less. I slowly became an audience member more than a performer.

I missed it so much I’d get a little jealous watching my brother on stage (haha). So when the opportunity came to join one, I pounced at it immediately. This one was produced by Musikademy, Davao’s premier music school. Aptly entitled “Something Wonderful, Something Musical 2”, this was a follow up to the successful first production of the same name a few years back. SWSM2 showcased excerpts from three popular musicals – Annie, Grease and Les Miserables.

Annie for the kids, Grease for the teens and Les Miz for the adults. I would have loved to join the Grease portion, but alas my age already gets the best of me. My energy level is simply not the same as before. Lucky enough, I was cast in the adult leg which was Les Miz – as the older Cossette. It’s pretty funny how as a kid I also had the young Cossette role.

The production was all sorts of nostalgia and excitement rolled into one. The late night rehearsals, the costume and technical runs, the food served for the performers and the friendships made along the way – these all reminded me of how life used to be as a performer. It was a stress inducer and stress reliever all at once, and a welcome distraction in my book. This time, it was more fun as I got the chance to share the stage with Fonzi and my brother Kyle, who also had their own roles in the excerpts. Fonzi played Jean Valjean, while Kyle took on Danny Zuko of Grease alternating as a T-bird as well.

Humility aside, I’d have to say we were able to put up a world-class show! All the hard work simply paid off. But just like any other production, the highs of the rehearsals always come with separation anxiety once the curtains are closed. Tight friendships ensued after the production, and this is why to me music will always be something wonderful. It brings people of different ages, backgrounds and interests together, and somehow these differences wouldn’t seem to matter.

Fingers crossed for SWSM3 soon! πŸ™‚












Musikademy’s “Something Wonderful, Something Musical 2” was presented from December 4-5, 2015 at PWC of Davao (and yes, it has taken me this long to write about it…ooops!). All photos belong to Musikademy (see here) as captured by Keir Ashley Photography.




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