Halloweens Past

As a kid, I never really went to any Trick or Treating on Halloweens. Fast forward to today...I've been to three parties, three years straight. So I guess I'm kind of making up for lost time. Truth be told, I have always loved to play dress up. The idea of becoming someone else for a [...]


The Henry, Cebu

So, remember when I told you we'd be going on a trip down the 2015 memory lane? Well here comes the first one. On that unplanned-til-the-week-before trip my friends and I made to Cebu, we decided that we wanted to stay somewhere fancy on the night before leaving. We chose to book that night at [...]

Hello, 2016

😍 #fonziandkia2016 A photo posted by Kia Ledesma (@kialedesma) on Dec 31, 2015 at 9:21am PST It's a brand new year, and as per usual here I am again, after an almost three-month long hiatus. I missed writing on this little space. As always, the past few months' busy schedules have had me riding a [...]

Stress Busting

It's been quite a month at work (Hello, Audit!) and as usual I've resorted to a bunch of stress relievers to keep the work-life balance going. De-stressing varies among people. While others would prefer the spa-parlor-short getaway routes, I personally lean towards other non-pampering options. I've been inserting some "me" time these past few days [...]