Hong Kong Randoms

Hong Kong Randoms

After almost a year of planning, bookings and reservations, we finally found ourselves in Hong Kong -- double-dating our way through the MTRs and streets of one of Asia's most-visited places. This was not like any other trip though. To start off, we had the most terrible delayed flight coming from Davao, arriving just in [...]


On the 6

February 6 is always a red-letter day to me, since it's our anniversary! And as you may know, we aren't exactly geographically together as of now. Fonzi is all the way up north in Manila, meanwhile I'm all the way down south in Davao. So every year, I make sure that we get to spend [...]

Four Year Strong

As I was tweet stalking  reading tweets last night, I noticed this one tweet from Manila Concert Scene talking about a band called Four Year Strong holding a concert in the country. Since I couldn't help but think how aptly the name fit today's occasion, I am borrowing the band name and making it as [...]