I Wish

With eyes closed, and hands clasped, I wish uponΒ a bright new star. This star, which you have already met in my last post, is named ShopBack.ph. With over 300 merchants, this awesome online shopping platform is home to this year's 30th birthday wish list items. As you know, the list is something I make yearly, [...]


Hello, 2016

😍 #fonziandkia2016 A photo posted by Kia Ledesma (@kialedesma) on Dec 31, 2015 at 9:21am PST It's a brand new year, and as per usual here I am again, after an almost three-month long hiatus. I missed writing on this little space. As always, the past few months' busy schedules have had me riding a [...]

Stress Busting

It's been quite a month at work (Hello, Audit!) and as usual I've resorted to a bunch of stress relievers to keep the work-life balance going. De-stressing varies among people. While others would prefer the spa-parlor-short getaway routes, I personally lean towards other non-pampering options. I've been inserting some "me" time these past few days [...]

Sentosa Fun

On day two in Singapore, which happened to be my birthday, Sentosa Island was on the plate. Prior to leaving Davao, one of my workmates advised me that it would be best if we purchased our tickets bundled or what was known as the Sentosa two-day fun pass. This pass included a full day of [...]