Ocean Park HK

  On my last day in Hong Kong (I had to come home a day earlier to attend a work event), Fonzi, Myx, Francis and I went to Ocean Park to enjoy a looong and hot day mostly eating and riding the extremes. It was such a hot day, my face got sun burnt so [...]


The Henry, Cebu

So, remember when I told you we'd be going on a trip down the 2015 memory lane? Well here comes the first one. On that unplanned-til-the-week-before trip my friends and I made to Cebu, we decided that we wanted to stay somewhere fancy on the night before leaving. We chose to book that night at [...]

Sentosa Fun

On day two in Singapore, which happened to be my birthday, Sentosa Island was on the plate. Prior to leaving Davao, one of my workmates advised me that it would be best if we purchased our tickets bundled or what was known as the Sentosa two-day fun pass. This pass included a full day of [...]